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University Institute of Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies




The University Institute of Physics Applied to the Sciences and the Technologies constitute like University Institute the 31 of July by Decree 115/2009 (DOCV of the 04 of August of 2009).

His paramount aim is fomentar the basic investigation –key for the rest of scientific processes– and applied in the field of the physics, fomentando applications and appearances of interest of the same in other experimental sciences, of the health and of the education, in the engineerings and the architecture. All this without forgetting the development, the technological innovation and the educational innovation. This University Institute of Investigation also pretends to play an important paper, no only in the divulging of the knowledge and the scientific works developed in his breast, but also in trying that the society in general was conscious of the importance of this science and his technologies in the social and economic development.  

They form part of this Institute more than 50 pertaining researchers to 7 areas of knowledge of the University of Alicante (“Applied Physics”, “Optics”, “Physics of the Earth”, “Radiology and Physical Medicine”, “Systems Engineering and Automatic”, “Signal Theory and Communications” and “Didactic of the Experimental Sciences”). These researchers belong to three centres of the University of Alicante: Polytechnical School, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Education, and find integrated in five departments of said University: Department of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory, Department of Optics, Pharmacology and Anatomy, Department of Sciences of the Earth and of the Environment, Department of Sciences of the Sea and Biology Applied and Department of Didactic General and Didactic Specific. All this reflects of conclusive form the multidisciplinary character of this University Institute of Investigation.

As it indicates the denomination of the Institute, his lines of work centre in the Physics and his applications in the Sciences and the Technologies. This idea of application in other fields of the knowledge is based in the fact that the Physical has provided and provides a conceptual base and a theoretical structure on which have developed other experimental sciences and a lot of technologies and because from the practical point of view, has provided technicians that can use in a lot of areas of pure investigation and applied. Thus, it is difficult to find an experimental science that it do not use physical technicians in his development and even can affirm that the Physics is possibly one of the most basic sciences and more fundamental of all those that exist, pues is the base of others a lot of scientific fields. It is difficult to find an activity of investigation that do not use concepts, theories and physical technicians in his development. This gives to the Physics the character of fundamental science.

University Institute of Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies

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