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Astronomy and Astrophysics

The group is working in two main investigation lines. The High Energies lines studies X-Ray binary stars, and the Planetary Astronomy line is focused on the physical-mathematics models development of the cascade colisions processes.

The group participates in the ESA INTEGRAL satellite design and building (International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory), and collaborate in international projects oriented to the Trans-Neptunians objets discovery and follow-up, and dwarves planets search.

  • Members Group


Benavidez, Paula Gabriela - CV
Campo Bagatín, Adriano - CV
Rodes Roca, José Joaquín - CV
Torrejón Vázquez, José Miguel - CV - LEADER
Martínez Chicharro, María - CV


  • Investigation Lines

- Study of stellar populations in the galaxy and in the Clouds of Magellan.
- Study of binary systems of X-rays of big mass.
- Physical study and realisation of numerical models of systems of lower bodies of the solar system (asteroids and kites).
- Follow-up of objects after-neptunianos through astronomical observations.

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