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Image Analysis, Optical Systems and Vision

The Group of Image Analysis, Optical Systems and Vision, focuses on the analysis of the images formed in the human eye. To this end, he has developed algorithms based on the Fresnel Integral for the numerical calculation of light pattern, with their corresponding applications in ophthalmic optical systems, both internal (intraocular lenses) and external (ophthalmic lenses). These algorithms have been used for the analysis of the cornea and intraocular lens design. Using non-invasive measurement techniques is able to estimate accurately the quality optics of the cornea human before and after the ablation, and predict the optical quality of the human eye. Experience has made it possible to start a new line of design of optical elements using modulators of light to obtain multifocal elements or great profundicad of focus.

  • Members of the Group


Domenech Amigot, Begoña - CV
Espinosa Tomás, Julián - CV
Ferrer Crespo, Belén - CV
Hernández Poveda, Consuelo - CV
Mas Candela, David - CV - LEADER
Miret Mari, Juan José - CV
Pérez Rodríguez, Jorge - CV
Vázquez Ferri, Carmen - CV


  • Lines of research

-Diffraction and image processing - physiological optics - propagation of light in the human eye

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