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Optical and Visual Perception

The group of Optics and Visual Perception develops his activity in the fields of the visual Optics and of the visual Perception. On the one hand they study optical models-geometrical that treat to explain processes related with the visual system and his possible compensaciones, and to the same time proceed to experience the validity and the scope of said models. From these models can analyse a wide range of proofs optométricas from different points of view, in particular doing upsetting in the precision of the measures that with them obtain .On the other hand, it studies the visual perception, that is to say, the process of coding, analysis and interpretation in the brain of the information collected in retina. In this line carry out studies that put of self-evident the visual capacities by means of the use of experiments psicofísicos, in which obtains the answer of the subject to visual stimuli whose characteristic physical are perfectly clear-cut and controlled. The visual perception, like result of the integration of all the visual information that arrives to the brain, apply for example to the clinical diagnostic of diverse pathologies, so much of visual origin and of general character.

  • Membres Of the Grup
Caballero Caballero, Mª Teresa - CV
Camps Sanchís, Vicente Jesús - CV
De Fez Saiz, Mª Dolores - CV - LEADER
Piñero Llorens, David - CV
  • Lines of investigation

           - Visual optics
           - Visual perception

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